I like to read. Being an illustrator, I read about many different subjects and translate these into pictures. Words and pictures are closely related in an illustration. Words evoke thoughts and thoughts create images. Illustrations enhance words as reading enriches the mind.

After Academy of Art College in San Francisco, where I gained a Bachelors degree in Illustration, I moved to New York and hit the pavement for work. I held a variety of jobs including hand colouring antique prints, illustration, textile designs, fashion graphics and ceramic design.

New York was a good experience, I then crossed the pond to London to seek a different weather. I took further studies in applied arts at the Glasgow School of Art. I maintained a studio in West London designing ceramics and pursuing my career as an illustrator.

Finding innovative ways to present ideas is always a challenge and it makes the projects I work on interesting. When I am connected to the text, pictures just jump from the pages. I work in watercolours, pen and ink and colour pencils. Computer wise, I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The end product is usually a mixture of traditional and digital media with emphasis on a visualised concept or a story.

When I am not reading and drawing, I look at clouds.

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